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I’m a London-based writer. I studied Art History at Essex University before working as a journalist and TV researcher for the BBC.

I strongly believe that our early memories shape the people – and creators – we become. Indeed, my stories are always highly personal and subjective. No matter the starting point, the same themes seem to crop up. Namely, our inability to escape the past and prisons, partly of our own making.

My stories typically reflect the little man/woman, hidden or ignored by society. I also enjoy untold stories about women. My work has appeared in Love Sunday, Scribble, The Big Issue, The Morning Star, The People’s Friend, Barcelona INK.

My debut novel ‘The House on Fournier Street’ was long listed for the Retreat West Prize 2020 and for the Spotlight First Novel Competition 2020 (under title ‘No Woman is an Island’.)

Favourite directors include: Lynne Ramsay, Mike Leigh, Nic Roeg RIP, Thomas Vinterberg.

Favourite films: Festen, ’71, London to Brighton, Moonlight, Victoria, Manchester by the Sea and last but not least, Cabaret.

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Come Home Soon

Irene, a young migrant without friends or papers, works as a domestic slave in a rich woman’s home. Will she have to give up on her dream of a better life? 

Festival Release – Summer 2016.

Selected Festivals – Hellfire Film Festival 2016, 4th Festival Internazionale del Cinema Povero, Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2017, Accountability Film Festival, Nepal – 2017 (Semi-Finalist), Short Cine Fest, August 2018.

(drama, short, 9 mins)

Feedback from Oaxaca Film Festival: COME HOME SOON delves into the theme of modern slavery, while also showing us how the victim ends up resembling
her tormentor, transforming from frail to hardened by her survival instincts.


After the death of her only child, a woman invites a young refugee into her home to help her gain closure. But a startling discovery threatens to tear the two women apart.

(contemporary drama, short, 12 mins)

Selected: Near Nazareth Festival 2017, Oregon Short Film Festival 2018, Script and Storyboard Showcase 2018, Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018, Wimbledon Library Film Club – 2018 (Award Winner).

Status: available.

Girl Sniper

Set in a war-torn country, a young woman must carry out a hit on an elderly musician but the power of his music affects her decision to go through with the job. 

(drama, short, 3 mins)

Selected: Rome Independent Prisma Awards – June 2018 (Semi-Finalist), Aab International Film Festival 2018, Independent Talents International Film Festival – 2018 (Semi-Finalist).

Status: available.

More projects

Pole Boy

Pole Boy - a short documentary
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Rainbow - a short stage play
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Martha’s Song

The hardships of homelessness are overcome by an old woman's determination to hold on to the one gift she has left.
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The Box Room

An ageing gangster plans to buy an isolated old house in order to do some enforcing but he meets his match in Gemma, single mum and estate agent from hell.
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Uncle Ted

Uncle Ted - Dreams are meant to come true.
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A young hairdresser goes on a date with the girl he likes but struggles to tell her about the dark secret that has held him back in life.
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Mrs. Hitler

Can you ever escape your past? A short play about Eva Braun.
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Billy Elliot meets flamenco. Based on an inspiring true story.
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Aktion T4

Wartime Berlin. Little is known about the thousands of people with mental health issues who perished under the Nazis...
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Writing contests

Wildsound Monthly Writing Festival (May 2016) - 'Lorna's Island' read by Sean Kaufman.
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